Who we are

The Olmoblu accommodation in Via Calcino,

born in the year 2016 at first B&B at number 758, with 2 bedrooms (Lamborghini and Ducati) has gradually evolved, also by virtue of the excellent success of the guests, to add 5 additional bedrooms in 2017 (Gilles Villeneuve, Valentino Rossi, Bugatti, Gilera and Maserati) at number 748 and further expand in 2018 with the headquarters in Via Signata 223, located closer to the center of Crevalcore, in an area also very quiet.

In 2019, the evolution was completed by adapting the premises of Via Signata with a new aesthetic and functional setting, thanks to the new air conditioning systems and proposing the new organization of the structure in Via Calcino with the addition of the John Suite Lennon, offering, at this point, not only rooms but real independent apartments and with the characteristics to be inhabited independently.

Thus was born the new structure “Aparthotel Olmoblu”

Even more equipped with services, new heating and air conditioning and unlimited Wi-Fi. The structure thus organized allows each guest to enter and exit without time constraints. Outside the two structures are available to guests:

  • Large dedicated car parks
  • Green areas equipped for relaxation
  • The nice hospitality of Anna Maria!